Nebula LH300 4X4

Nebula LH300 4×4

Nebula LH300 4×4 Specifications

Engine Type: Single-cylinder, water-cooling, 4-stroke, Liquid cool
Start mode: Electric Start with TCI
Fuel tank capacity: 12.5 L
Transmission mode: CVT
Demarcate power & corresponding: 16/6500~7000
Max torque & corresponding: 23/5500
Min. ground clearance: 183mm
Transmission: Low gear, High gear, Neutral gear, Reverse gear
Cylinder dimension: 275
ATV dimensions (L x W x H): 2,096 x 1,170 x 1,170mm
Wheelbase: 1,265mm
Tire specification: FRONT – 24 X 8-12, REAR – 24 X 11-10
Brake system model: FRONT – 2 sides hydraulic disk, REAR – disc brake
Suspension type: FRONT – MacPherson, REAR – swing arm
Weight: 280 kg.
4WD, 4WD Lock: 4WD

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Note: ATVs are for Off Road use and cannot be registered with any Regional Transport Authority. No Driving License is required to operate an All Terrain Vehicle in India.

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Power Series ATV
  • Engine Size: 300cc
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Petrol